Versions and Snapshots

In addition to the regular project save and restore options, Hiero can record the different states of your workflow as you progress using versions and snapshots.

Versions are children of clips. You can have any number of versions per clip as long as they follow the correct naming conventions, as shown in Using Versions. Versions can only be applied to source clips and shots and can be swapped in and out without overwriting existing work. Source clips have three states: Linked (default), Unlinked and Mixed, and you can define if a shot is linked to its source clip or not. See Version Linking for more information.

Snapshots are time-stamped copies of a sequence, allowing you to save its current state without the inconvenience of saving the entire project. When you restore a snapshot, a warning displays prior to the restore reminding you that edits since the snapshot was taken are lost. See Using Snapshots for more information.