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Getting to Grips with the GafferThree Node

The method described in Creating a Light, although valid, would be slow for a large number of lights. Katana’s GafferThree node wraps light creation into a single node and adds the ability to:

Create more than one light.

Add rigs to group lights together.

Add light filters and light filter references.

Mute and solo lights and rigs.

Link lights to specific objects.

Add aim constraints to lights.

Note:  Some of the options listed in Creating a Light Using the GafferThree Node may not be available due to the extensive customizability of Katana. Some of the GafferThree node’s menu options are created using profiles, which can result in different light creation menu options.

Note:  Using both Gaffer and GafferThree nodes together in a single node graph is not supported as it can result in unexpected mute and solo behavior.