Katana Documentation


What's New in Katana 3.0

Check out the new Hydra viewer features including the center of interest, subdivision, pan/zoom, and stereo imaging.

Creating a Project

A Katana project is simply a collection of recipes that are worked on together and stored in a single .katana file. A project could be a shot, a scene, or look development for one or more assets.

The User Interface

Find your way around Katana's user interface, and discover how you can tailor the workspace to suit your preferences.

Navigating the Node Graph

Learn how to make full use of Katana's Node Graph. The Node Graph is where you construct your recipe by interconnecting nodes that operate on your scene.

The Hydra Powered Viewport

A new, modern viewport powered by Pixar's USD Hydra technology. Now artists can load huge scenes and view larger portions of their work with smooth interaction.

Katana Tutorials


Quick Start Guide

A good introduction if you're new to Katana. This tutorial shows you how to set up a new scene from scratch, and how to get started with the node graph and the scene graph.

Webinar Series

In this three episode series, Foundry's Jordan Thistlewood takes a comprehensive look at Katana. Part 1 covers workflows and renderers, part 2 delves into look development for artists, and part 3 talks about scaling the work for small teams as well as solo artists.

Introduction to Katana 3.0

In this seven part video series, Matt Barker of Intraware provides a quick introduction to the key features of Katana 3.0.

Using the Hydra Viewer

A selection of videos that introduce the key features of the Hydra powered scene graph viewer.