This is a specialized Switch node that selects an input based on the value of a Graph State Variable.

Connection Type

Connection Name



Add numbered input ports (i0, i1, i2) by pressing in the node.

The input ports you want to set for different parts of the node graph.


Control (UI)

Default Value




The name of the Graph State Variable used to select an input port.



A set of patterns linked to input ports, used to select an input port according to the value of the Graph State Variable. Patterns may be added and deleted using the wrench dropdown menu for the group and existing patterns, respectively. Input ports for which no pattern is defined match their exact port name.

A pattern takes the form of a CEL statement, where the {@[name]=="value"} syntax may be used to specify requirements of additional Graph State Variables.

Note:  If a VariableSwitch node defines no patterns, input select is performed using a faster look-up operation. This may be useful for nodes with a large number of input ports.