Op Cook Profiling

A Profiling mode exists in Katana. When launched in Profiling mode, Katana can generate reports on Op cook times within profiling sessions. Cook times are aggregated per Op instance, per location. These reports can help in pinpointing slow areas of the Op tree and scene graph.

The profiling is low overhead to minimize its effect on cook performance and the more computationally demanding data aggregation is performed at the end of the profiling session.

Note:  The timing report files produced can be extremely large, of the order of gigabytes. As a guide, note that typically one line of information is produced per Op instance, per scene graph location at which it is cooked. This is why we recommend you use profiling mode selectively when measuring cooking times, and not during normal production usage of Katana.

Command-Line Options

The following command-line options allow you to set the specific Profiling mode you want to use, or to specify a directory where profiling reports are written:

--profile - launches Katana in Profiling mode,

--force-profile - launches Katana in Profiling mode and starts a profiling session immediately on launch,

--profiling-dir=[DIR] - specifies the directory where the profiling reports are written.

Note:  For more information on command-line launch modes in Katana, see Command-line Interface

Starting and Ending a Profiling Session

Learn the basics of beginning and ending a profiling session in Katana.

Profiling Renders

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Profiling Reports

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