Attribute Function (C++)

group FnAttributeFunctionUtil
class FnAttributeFunctionUtil
#include <FnAttributeFunctionUtil.h>

Provides access to registered AttributeFunction plugins.

Public Static Functions

static FnAttribute::Attribute run(const std::string &fncName, FnAttribute::Attribute args)

Runs the AttributeFunction with the specified function name.

AttributeFunction plugins are simple plugins which take an FnAttribute instance as input and return an FnAttribute. They are a means of exposing functionality implemented in other plugins across Katana reducing coupling on other modules.

AttributeFunctions can be accessed C++, Lua and Python.

An FnAttribute instance.
  • fncName -

    The name of the AttributeFunction to run.

  • args -

    An FnAttribute instance encapsulating the arguments pass to the AttributeFunction.

static void getRegisteredFunctionNames(std::vector<std::string> &names)

Gets the list of registered AttributeFunction names that can be invoked via run().

  • names -

    A vector that will be filled with the AttributeFunction names.

static void flushCache()