Other Types


Groups are the simplest scene graph location type, with no special meaning. They are typically used to organize the scene and to apply transformations affecting all descendant locations.

assembly and component

Components are designed to be the building blocks that assets can be made out of. Assemblies are designed to be structured assets that can be built out of components or other assemblies.

As a convention for complex hierarchies, a component is a building block that can contain a hierarchy of geometry and non-geometry locations, but it shouldn’t contain any assemblies or other components. This convention is used by some tools in Katana to reduce the amount of Scenegraph that needs to be inspected to do certain things, such as search for LookFiles that are being used, with the assumption that no LookFile is assigned deeper than any ‘component’ location.


Location type to declare a camera.

Type Attribute Description
string geometry.projection The projection mode, such as perspective or orthographic.
double geometry.fov The field of view angle in degrees
double geometry.near Distance of the near clipping plane
double geometry.far Distance of the far clipping plane
double geometry.left geometry.right geometry.bottom geometry.top The screen window placement on the imaging plane. The bound of the screen window.
double geometry.centerOfInterest This is used for tumbling in the viewer; it has no affect on the camera matrix.
double geometry.orthographicWidth The orthographic projection width.


Location type to declare a light.

Type Attribute Description
group geometry Shares the same attributes as cameras.
float geometry.radius The radius of the light.
float[3] geometry.previewColor The color of the light in the Viewer.

level-of-detail group and level-of-detail

A level-of-detail group location should contain child locations of type level-of-detail. Each child corresponds to an LoD, and should have the following attributes:

Type Attribute Description
float lodRanges.minVisible lodRanges.maxVisible lodRanges.lowerTransition lodRanges.upperTransition Geometry with a specific level of detail.

renderer procedural and renderer procedural args


This section is under construction.

Type Attribute Description
string rendererProcedural.procedural  
group rendererProcedural.args  
string rendererProcedural.args.__outputstyle  
int rendererProcedural.useInfiniteBounds  
string rendererProcedural.includeCameraInfo  
string rendererProcedural.cameraInfo.whichCamera  
string rendererProcedural.cameraInfo.cameraPath  
group geometry.arbitrary See Arbitrary Attributes.


Renders halt if this type is encountered (fatal error). An error message is written to the render log and displayed in the console.