3Delight Renderer

Katana comes bundled with 3Delight: a uni-directional path-tracer designed to withstand the high demands of production rendering.

Article:  For more information about downloading and installing the 3Delight renderer and plug-in for Katana, please refer to the Knowledge Base article: 3Delight for Katana

Note:  The Katana Installer provides an option for installing 3Delight with Katana.

Third-Party Renderers

Pixar’s RenderMan, Solid Angle’s Arnold and Chaos Group’s V-Ray are each supported by plug-ins supplied directly by those companies.

For Pixar’s RenderMan, please contact Pixar to get RenderMan for Katana (also called RfK). You also need to install the relevant version of the RenderMan renderer (RenderMan Pro Server).

For Arnold, please contact Solid Angle to get Arnold for Katana (also called KtoA). This includes both the Arnold renderer as well as the Katana plug-in.

For V-Ray, please contact Chaos Group to get V-Ray for Katana. This includes the V-Ray renderer as well as the Katana plug-in.

All queries regarding third-party plug-ins should be directed to the relevant provider.