Script Mode

Script mode allows you to execute Python scripts in Katana's Python environment. Script mode requires the --script flag, followed by a single argument specifying the script you want to run. This launch mode is most useful for testing. You can import most Katana modules, and perform tasks such as loading Katana scenes, changing some parameters, and rendering.

For example, to start Katana in Script mode using a script named

1.   Open a terminal.
2.   Navigate to the directory where you installed Katana.
3.   Enter:
./katana --script /yourDirectory/

To open a scene and start rendering from the scene's Render node, open the following Python script in Script mode:

    import NodegraphAPI
    from Katana import KatanaFile
    from Katana import RenderManager
    def messageHandler( sequenceID, message ):
        print message
    yourKatanaScene = "/yourDirectory/yourFile.katana"
    KatanaFile.Load( yourKatanaScene ) # Loading scene /yourDirectory/yourFile.katana
    RenderNode = NodegraphAPI.GetNode('Render') # Getting Render node
        node=RenderNode, # Starting render
        frame = 1, 
        asynch = False, 
        interactive = False, 
        asynch_renderMessageCB = messageHandler