Color Node

Access: Nodes > Basic > Color

The Color node is a basic node that lets you change the color of your objects at any time in a non-destructive way. It only outputs color and does not have any inputs.

Default Color

Color set to brown

Color set to pink with
some transparency

Color Node Inputs

No Input

Color Node Properties


Changes the color.
Click to select a color from the Select Color Dialog.

Color Node Graph Workflow Example

In the example below, let’s use an Add node to blend a Tiled and a Color node together.

1.   Create a Tiled node.

Adding a Tiled node to the scene.

Texture file contained in the Tiled node.

2.   Create an Add node. Connect the Tiled node to the A input of the Add node.
Create a Color node and connect it to the B input of the Add node.

Adding a Color node and Add node to the scene to change the color of the object.

3.   Open the Node Properties of the Color node and select a color.

A new color is selected.

Notice how the Tiled and Color nodes blend together.

The texture has changed color.

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