Adding Graph Layers

Mari's graph layers are building blocks used in Mari's Node Graph.

To add a new graph layer, in the Layers palette, click the Add Graph Layer button.

The new layer appears in the layer stack, with the Node Graph layer button.

To view the Node Graph, navigate to View > PalettesNode Graph or in the Palettes Toolbar, click the Node Graph.

Note:  To open a graph layer in the Node Graph, open the Node Graph palette and in the Layers palette, double-click on the Node Graph layerbutton of the layer. This opens a Node Graph layer tab in the Node Graph palette.

Graph layers are actually Groups, in Node Graph terms, containing an Input node and an Output node. Any graph layers you add are included in the node tree for the current channel.

To add nodes to the graph layer, either:

press the Tab key in the Node Graph and start typing the name of the node you want to create, and then press Return to add the node, or

right-click in the Node Graph and select the required node from the menu.

Note:  See Working with Nodes and Layer Types and Examples for more information on the Node Graph and the nodes available. Graph layers can be exported and imported in exactly the same way as other layers. See Exporting and Importing Layers or Masks.