The Workspace

The workspace consists of a menu bar, a canvas, toolbars, palettes, and a status bar. You can customize the layout, change how to view and light your model.

Managing Projects

A Mari project stores your work on geometries, and any associated textures. Mari's Project tab holds all the projects.

Customization and Configuration

Learn how you can customize Mari or configure the tools to suit your needs.


Learn how to paint geometry using the Mari tools.

Items and Objects

Discover how items, patches, objects, and different geometry formats are used in Mari.

Shading Networks

Learn how layers, channels, and shaders work together in a shading network, and how to use the Node Graph.

Previewing and Rendering

Discover how to preview and render your work in Modo, and how projectors behave in Mari to store specific camera details.

Export/Import & Session Scripts

Discover how to export and import textures, as well as utilizing session scripts to share your project with other users.


To learn how to set up a project, set up the view, paint, and so on, go to the Tutorials section.