Add Channel Dialog

The Add Channel dialog is described below with functions for how to access it. A list of the controls on the dialog box can be found in the table below.

What It Does

This allows you to add a single channel to your project. The dropdown at the top of the dialog box lets you select from recently created channels. If you select a channel from the dropdown, Mari updates the rest of the fields with the details you used last time. You can change any of the values if required.

How to Access It

Menubar | Channel > Add Channel

Right-click | in Channels Palette > Add Channel

Button | Channels Palette >

Button | Shaders Palette >

Add Channel Dialog Fields



What it does

Opens this dialog box


<Previous channel names>


This holds the names of recently created channels. Select a channel from the list, and the rest of the dialog box updates with the details from the last time the channel was created.




information, dropdown

Name of the channel to create.





Patch size for the new channel. Either 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096, 8192x8192, 16384x16384, or 32768x32768.





Color depth for the new channel. Either 8bit (Byte), 16bit (Half), or 32-bit (Float).



File Space


The type of file space used for vector painting: Normal, Vector, Vector (flipped Y), or Normal (flipped Y).



Color Data | Colorspace


The colorspace the channel data is converted to. Automatic is determined by the file name, size, and type of data in the channel. OCIO colorspace roles are also displayed in this list.





Color to fill the new channel. Click the swatch to change the color.

Select Color Dialog