Changing Numerical Values

You can key values directly into a field, press the arrow keys to increment and decrement values, use the middle-mouse button, or click and drag on the value.

To key in field values:

1.   Double-click in the field to select the whole value.
2.   Type the value you want to replace the selection.

You can increment or decrement values by hundreds, tens, tenths, hundredths, and so on. The magnitude of change depends on the initial position of your cursor. For example if you wanted to increment the initial value of 20.51 by ones, you would insert your cursor before the 0.

To increment or decrement a field value:

1.   Click to insert the cursor just prior to the digit you want to increment or decrement.
2.   Press the up arrow to increment by one unit, or the down arrow to decrement by one unit.

Tip:  You can also increment and decrement values using the mouse wheel (if available) or by clicking and dragging on the value. The latter method is particularly useful for tablet users.