Bricks Node

Access: Nodes > Procedural > Pattern > Bricks

The Bricks node generates a pattern of bricks or tiles. These patterns can then be used as a height map, mask or both to create procedurally driven textures and materials.

Bricks node examples with varying parameters

Bricks Node Inputs




The position to generate the brick pattern from. If nothing is input, this defaults to surface world position.

Bricks Node Outputs




This outputs the defined Brick Color where there are bricks, Mortar Color where there are gaps and a blend of the two colors based on the Softness.

Brick UV/Mask

This outputs RGBA data where:

RG = The UV coordinates for each brick.

B = White where there are bricks, black where there are gaps, and a blend based on the Softness.

A = 1.0

Bricks Node Properties


text field, slider

This value defines the scale of the bricks.

Size: 0.7 Size: 2 Size: 5


text field, slider

This defines the aspect ratio of the bricks. When this value is changed, the brick height is adjusted to match aspect ratio.

Aspect: 1 Aspect: 2 Aspect: 5


text field, slider

This defines the size of the gap (mortar) between the bricks.

Gap: 0.025 Gap: 0.1 Gap: 0.3


text field, slider

This defines the horizontal offset, in brick widths, of each row of bricks.


text field, slider

This value defines how soft the edges between the bricks and the gap (mortar) is.

Softness: 0 Softness: 0.2 Softness: 0.5


Brick Color

text field, slider

The sets the color of the brick shapes.

Mortar Color

text field, slider

This sets the color of the gap (mortar) between the bricks.



dropdown list

This allows you to select a projector to align and scale the projected pattern.

The list displays all the Objects, Locators, Cameras and Lights in the scene which can be used as a projector.



Add a new locator and set it as the Projector.



Make the projector locator current and switch to the Transform Object Tool.



Toggle the visibility of the transform fields.


text field

Used to translate the projection in the x, y and z axis.

Note:  The transform fields (Translation, Locator Rotation, Scale) lock if you have something selected in the field. The transform field values mirrors those of whatever you have selected.

Locator Rotation

text field

Used to rotate the projection around the x, y and z axis.


text field

Used to scale the projection in the x, y and z axis.

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