Choosing and Organizing Palettes

To select and position palettes:

1.   Select which palettes to display:

from the View menu, select Palettes, and then a palette from the sub-menu, or

right-click an empty spot on the toolbar area, and select a palette from the dropdown menu.

The dropdown menu lists palettes at the top, and toolbars below.


From the Palettes toolbar, click the palettes' icon and/or name.

Tip:  When you open a palette, it displays where it was last closed. If you open it using the Palettes toolbar, it differs depending on which mode you opened the palette. See Configuring Your Workspace for more information.

Video:  You can also toggle between hiding and showing palettes, watch a quick demo.

2.   You can do the following to position a palette:

move - click in the title bar and drag.

undock - click in the title bar and drag to the middle of the canvas, or outside the main Mari window.

dock - drag to an edge of the canvas (left, right, top, or bottom).

The side of the canvas expands to “grab” the palette

dock beside another palette - drag onto the side of another undocked palette, between docked palettes, or between a docked palette and an edge of the canvas.

Palette(s) “shuffle over” to make room for the new palette, if there is enough room, otherwise they stack (see below).

dock on top (stack) - drag on top of a docked palette. Palette(s) “shuffle up” slightly, to display tabs below for selecting which palette displays (on top).

Tip:  If you dock two floating palettes together, they appear as a separate palette window. You can also use the standard controls at the top right of the palette to minimize, maximize, switch between floating and docked, and close the palette.

Mari also has a show/hide and expand palette function: press the Space bar while hovering over the canvas to toggle between showing and hiding the currently open palettes. You can also press the Space bar while hovering over a palette to expand it. You can't expand a palette if you selected an item in it.

Tip:  Palette behavior is customizable. Experiment with the palettes to see how they can be docked, undocked, moved, and stacked.