Advanced Color Management

In addition to the basic controls for color management, Mari also has an advanced color management mode. This mode is for those users who feel confident about their color management abilities, and who know exactly what setting they want to change and why.

Warning:  As changes to a project's colorspace, and color management in general, cannot be undone in Mari, it's imperative that you first consider whether you strictly need to operate in the advanced color management mode.

Tip:  If you want to work in the advanced color management mode without risking damage to your project, you can make a copy of the config files to a location on your machine or network before making any changes to the original file.

Enabling Advanced Color Management

To enable the advanced color management mode:

Set the following environment variable: MARI_COLORSPACE_USER_INTERFACE_MODE=2

If the environment variable already exists, change it from 1 to 2. Once the environment variable is set to 2, the advanced color management options are active and exposed within Mari.

Note:  Any changes you make to colorspace while advanced color management is enabled persist even after you have reverted back to the basic color management mode.
For more information on the MARI_COLORSPACE_USER_INTERFACE_MODE environment variable, see the Environment Variables That Mari Recognizes

Advanced Color Management Options

Once you've enabled the advanced color management within Mari, there are a number of controls that are exposed in the UI, that are not otherwise visible in the basic color management mode. These controls vary, depending on where they are in the UI, but every place that colorspace is usually visible has additional options. Some of the options you may find are:

Working/Working Colorspace - the colorspace for painting, lighting, applying filters, and similar operations.

OCIO Config - a list of either user-defined configuration files (Custom) or shipped OpenColorIO configuration files that handle colorspace.

Custom OCIO Config - if you chose Custom for the OCIO Config file choice, specify the path to the configuration file.

Output Colorspace - the colorspace for the output.

Raw Data - when enabled, prevents the data from being converted to another colorspace.

Though changes you make to these colorspace options while in the advanced color management mode persist whatever color management mode Mari is in currently, the options above are no longer visible when the basic mode is re-enabled.