Storing Resources Using Shelves

You can store just about anything you can grab from within Mari in Shelves. Most artists like to store their favorite brushes, colors, and images (for clone stamping or painting through). Power users can also add any preset Mari function to a shelf.

By default, the Mari Shelf palette comes with seven shelves, including five preset shelves:

Menu - items that you can select from the F9 pie selection control menu.

Personal - selected items you use regularly.

Mari Materials - a set of predefined materials based on the Principled BRDF shader model.

Basic Brushes - a set of predefined basic brushes.

Hard Surface Brushes - a set of predefined hard surface brushes.

Organic Brushes - a set of predefined organic brushes.

Brad's New Brushes - a set of predefined brushes.

Project - items just for the current project.

You can also create any number of customized shelves.

Your shelves display in the Shelf palette,see Configuring Brushes. You can also make any shelf into a separate, custom palette. Mari also lets you export and import entire shelves and items within shelves, for example to share with other users.

Note:  To load Mari without the Mari Materials, Basic Brushes, Hard Surface Brushes, Organic Brushes, and Brad's New Brushes preset shelves, disable the Edit > Preferences > Misc. > Shelf > Shelves Include Presets preference. See Mari Preferences Dialog.

Video:  To display the Shelf quick palette when painting, press and hold K. See Shelf Palette for more information. Watch the demo.
This video shows the workflow using Mari 3. Even though the Mari 4 workspace is different, the workflow remains the same. To have a look at the main UI differences, see Mari 3.3 vs 4.0.

Tip:  For details on using the pie selection control menu, see Using the Pie Selection Control.