ProRender Beta

ProRender Beta is a kit that contains the AMD Radeon™ ProRender plug-in for Modo. It’s a GPU renderer that uses OpenCL/Metal compute APIs to perform ray-tracing. The ProRender kit is developed for Windows and macOS and supports both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Note:  NVIDIA graphics cards only work on Windows due to a driver limitation in macOS.

The kit has a dedicated ProRender Beta layout, where you can access the PView Viewport. To open the ProRender Beta layout, click the ProRender Beta tab on the switcher bar, or in the menu bar, click Layout > Layouts > ProRender Beta.

For information on ProRender's preferences, settings, and limitations, see ProRender Settings and Limitations.

Installing ProRender Beta


1.   Download the correct .msi installation file from our website at

The file is saved to your preferred download location.

2.   Double-click on the file to install ProRender.
3.   Follow the on-screen instructions in the setup dialog.

By default, ProRender is installed to drive letter:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Kits\ProRender13.0\

4.   Open Modo for the changes to take effect.


On macOS, ProRender is installed with Modo by default. For more information on installing Modo on Mac, see Installing Modo on Mac.