Modeling Overview and Techniques

Get an overview on modeling in Modo and different modeling techniques.

Creating Geometry

Learn about a variety of different tools used to quickly generate geometry.

Selecting Items

Learn about multiple ways to select the geometry you would like to edit.

Applying Precision

Learn more about how to create your geometry accurately using Symmetry, Snapping, and more precision tools.

Transforming Items

Learn about the transform tools in Modo to quickly and accurately apply transformations to items.

Duplicating Items

Learn about cloning and array tools used to produce multitudes of complex forms from basic geometry.

Deforming Items

Learn about various deform tools used to produce soft, organic deformations or hard, mechanical forms.

Editing Items

Learn about a variety of tools to divide geometry, reshape surfaces, and increasing the overall density across a mesh.

Specifying Action Centers and Falloffs

Learn about the ways you can modify a tool's effect in Modo using action centers and falloffs.

MeshFusion Modeling

Learn about the ways to create meshes through the non-destructive union, subtraction, and intersection of objects.