Getting Help

Modo features several forms of help, in a variety of locations.

What is Modo?

An overview of what Modo is and its various technologies.

Understanding the Interface

An overview of the interface, controls, and UI conventions.

Quick Start: Coffee Mug

Walk through step-by-step instructions to create a coffee mug and render the final results.


An overview on modeling in Modo and the tools available.


An overview on sculpting in Modo and the tools available.


Learn about working with Vertex maps, UV maps, and UDIM.


An overview on drawing in Modo and the tools available.

Creating a Layout

Learn about transforming a series of models into a scene.

Using Dynamics and Particles

Learn about preparing and refining dynamic, particles, and simulations.


Leaning about animating in Modo.

Shading and Lighting

Learn about shading and lighting.


Learn about rendering in Modo.

Modo VR

Learn how to view and adjust your model within a virtual environment.