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Set Vertex Map Name

You use this command to rename Vertex Maps. Select the Target Vertex Map and click Name . In the Set Vertex Map Name dialog, specify the options as needed.

VMap rename dialog

Vertex Map Name: Type a unique, identifying name for the Vertex Map in this box. This name replaces the current name for the selected Vertex Maps.

Vertex Map Type: Specifies the appropriate map type based on the map being renamed. When renaming a Vertex Map, Modo automatically selects the correct map type.

Layer: Determines whether Modo renames the foreground items, the background items, or both. If you select Active, Modo renames only the foreground item's Vertex Map. If you select Inactive, Modo renames the background items. If you select Both, Modo renames the current Vertex Map for all visible items. (Both is only available when layer items share identical map names. )