Morph Slicer

Use the Vertex Map > Morph Slicer to copy an existing morph using symmetry to create a left and right version of it.

Before with a polygon selected

After displaying the right side of the morph map

1.   Download our example scenes and open morphslicer.lxo.
2.   In the Model layout, open the Items list on the right panel, and select the Sphere.
3.   Open the Lists tab, expand the Morph Maps item, and select Sculpted.

The morph map is applied to the Sphere and displayed in the 3D viewport.

4.   On the menu bar, click Vertex Map > Morph Slicer.

New Sculpted_LT and Sculpt_RT items are listed under Morph Maps.

5.   In the Items list, under Morph Maps, select Sculpted_LT.

The new morphed map is applied to the sphere and displays only on the left morph influence on the sphere.