Modo Documentation


What's New in Modo 13.0

Explore what's been added to the latest version of Modo, including Arrays, new Procedural tools, and UI improvements.

Kit Fusing

Learn about how you can define only a portion of a mesh to be used for booleans, making it easier to leverage complex meshes in MeshFusion.

Procedural Modeling

Learn about procedural modeling, which allows you to edit meshes in a non-destructive way, using an extensive range of tools.

Animation Layers

Find out about how you can use animation layers to non-destructively edit specific actions.

Modo Bridge for Unity

Learn how you can transfer meshes, instances, yextures, materials, and cameras between Modo and Unity, using Modo Bridge.

Modo VR

Modo VR is our cutting edge VR modeling platform, allowing you to create content in a fully immersive virtual environment using a VR headset and controllers.

Modo Tutorials


Modeling a Simple Object

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a coffee mug and render the final results. These tutorials demonstrate the key features you'll reuse in other projects.

Building a Spaceship

Learn the basics of modeling in Modo while designing a spaceship.

Soft Products Workflow

Learn how easy it is to place metal and plastic hardware next to soft materials, such as fabrics, and produce convincing visualizations in 3D.

Using Modo with 3ds Max

This tutorial series shows the unique benefits that Modo offers a 3ds Max user. If you're looking to expand your toolset, Modo makes creating digital content easier no matter what package you’re currently using.

Interior Lighting

This tutorial series shows you how easy it is to use Modo to effectively tackle many common lighting, surfacing, and rendering challenges with interior architecture.