Open Curve Offset

For procedural modeling, use the Open Curve Offset and Open Curve Offset Trio tools to create additional open curves parallel to an existing curve.

1.   In Model layout, add a curve to your scene.

2.   Activate the Polygon selection mode, and double-click on the curve.
3.   With the curve selected, on the right panel open the Curves tab, and click Open Curve Offset

Tip:  If this option is not visible in the left panel. click and hold Open Curve Offset and click Open Curve Offset Trio.

4.   Set the Offset to 111 mm and click OK.

An additional curve is created parallel to the original curve.

5.   Press Ctrl/Cmd + Z to undo.
6.   On the left panel, click-and-hold Open Curve Offset and select Open Curve Offset Trio.
7.   Set the Offset to 111 mm and click OK.

Two new curves appear on either side of the original curve; one smaller and one larger than the original curve. Both curves are in the same layer in the Items list.