Flip It

Use the Flip It tool to flip a selection of polygons to a specified axis.

Before with all polygons selected

After setting the flip to the X axis

The Flip It tool allows you to specify which axis to flip your polygon selection to. In this example, selected polygons for a sphere are flipped to the X axis.

1.   Add a Sphere.
2.   On the top of the viewport, set the camera to Front.

3.   On the right panel, on the Properties tab, set the Position values forX, Y, and Z to 1 m.

4.   Activate the Polygon selection mode and double-click on the sphere to select all of the polygons.
5.   On the left panel, open the Polygon tab, and click Flip It.

6.   Change the Axis value to X and click OK.

The selection moves to the X axis position.