Code Completion for IDEs

‘’’Plugin Custom Command:’’’ Cmd_dumpAPI


The zip file linked above contains a python custom command that will export a dump of MODO’s python API to a set of dummy packages/modules that can then be used to provide call tips/code completion for any IDE that supports them.


Download the zip file from the top of the page, unzip it and place the python file it contains ( inside an lxserv folder that is visible to MODO. Usually this will be in your user scripts folder:

‘’’Windows’’’ C:Users'’username’’

‘’’OSX’’’ /Users/’’username’’/Library/Application Support/Luxology/Scripts/lxserv/

Restart MODO.


In MODO, open the User Scripts directory from System -> Open User Scipts Folder Menu. In the User Scripts directory, create a new directory called lxserv if it’s not already there. Add the script to the lxserv directory. Restart MODO, this will compile the and create a cmd_dumpapi.pyc file which is a compiled python script. This enables the “python.dumpAPI” command you’ll enter in the command line. Execute the command “python.dumpAPI” from the Command History’s commandline. MODO will open a directory dialog to choose an output location for the generated files. If you choose an existing directory the command will delete anything inside it before creating the module files. Once generated add the container folder to your IDE’s python path.

note: Don’t put the stub modules anywhere on modo’s python path bad things will probably happen ;)