FurnaceCore Nodes

FurnaceCore nodes contain the most popular Furnace plug-ins incorporated in NukeX and Nuke Studio.


Assists in lining up shots using Global Motion Estimation.


Helps to reduce luminance flicker between frames.


Adds grain to a sequence from another image.


Removes unwanted objects from image sequences.


Assists in steadying shots using Global Motion Estimation.


Automates some of the work when removing wire from shots.

Note:  The following FurnaceCore nodes have been replaced by other nodes and can no longer be found in the FurnaceCore menu:
F_DeGrain and F_Denoise were replaced by Denoise (Filter > Denoise) in Nuke 6.3.
F_Kronos was replaced by Kronos (Time > Kronos) in Nuke 7.0.
F_MotionBlur was replaced by MotionBlur (Filter > MotionBlur) in Nuke 7.0.
F_VectorGenerator was replaced by VectorGenerator (Time > VectorGenerator) in Nuke 7.0.