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Bookmarking Nodes

One extremely useful function of Nuke nodes is their ability to act as jump-to points throughout a project.

1.   Double-click on the node you want to bookmark to open its properties.
2.   Go to the Node tab and check bookmark (or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+B).

This adds the node to the bookmark list.

By default, Backdrop nodes have their bookmark checkbox enabled. All other nodes have it disabled.

3.   Select Edit > Bookmark > Jump to Bookmarked Node (or press J on the Node Graph) to bring up the bookmarks jump to menu.
4.   Start typing the name of the node you wish to navigate to.

Nuke shows all matching nodes that have the bookmark flag enabled. They are listed according to the node name or, if a label is present, the label followed by the node name in square brackets.

5.   To select the node to navigate to, either:

click on it, or

scroll to it with the Up and Down arrow keys and press Return.