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Getting Started

This guide provides you with all you need to start compositing with Nuke. For more detailed information on Nuke and its functions, see the Nuke User Guide.

About this Getting Started Guide

If you are new to Nuke, you may want to start by reading through Meet the Nuke Product Family. This chapter explains concepts you should know before using Nuke.

Before you can start exploring Nuke, you of course need to install Nuke on your machine. For instructions on how to do so and launch either the commercial version of Nuke or the Nuke Personal Learning Edition, refer to Installation and Licensing.

Once you have successfully installed and launched Nuke, you can sit back and start familiarizing yourself with the interface. Using the Interface is designed to help you understand the workflow, the workspace and the different controls. It also provides you with information on adjusting the interface to suit your preferences.

Finally, to learn about scripts and script management, turn to Managing Scripts.


Meet the Nuke Product Family

Flavors of Nuke

Key Concepts

Installation and Licensing


Mac OS X


Using the Interface

The Nuke Window

Using the Toolbar

Using the Menu Bar

Working with Nodes

Navigating Inside the Node Graph

Properties Panels

Animating Parameters


Using the File Browser

Undoing and Redoing

Progress Bars

Handling Errors

Managing Scripts

Setting Up Your Script

Loading Image Sequences

Reformatting Image Sequences

Image Caching

Saving Scripts and Recovering Backups

Closing Nuke Scripts

Loading Nuke Scripts

Defining Frame Ranges