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Cloning Nodes

You can clone nodes in preparation for pasting them elsewhere in a script. Cloned nodes inherit the values of their parent, but unlike copied nodes, they also maintain an active link with their parents’ values. If you alter the values of one, the other automatically inherits these changes.

Clones are helpful for maintaining consistent setups across multiple elements. For example, you might use clones to apply an identical film grain setup to a series of elements shot on the same stock. Should you need later to make changes to the setup, these changes would automatically ripple throughout the script.

NOTE:  You cannot clone gizmos. This applies to both gizmos created in your facility and the nodes in the Nuke default Toolbar that are in fact gizmos, such as the LightWrap node, the Grain node, and the IBK nodes.

For more information on gizmos, see the Configuring Nuke chapter in the Nuke User Guide.

To Clone Nodes

1.   Select the node or nodes you want to clone.
2.   Choose Edit > Clone or (press Alt+K).

Nuke clones the node(s), whilst maintaining an active link to the parental node(s). The clone status is indicated with an orange line that connects the clone to its parent node. The nodes also share the same name.

To Declone Nodes

1.   Select the node or nodes you want to declone.
2.   Choose Edit > Declone (or press Alt+Shift+K).

Nuke removes the clone status of the selected nodes.