Audio in Nuke

In many compositing projects it’s vital to be able to key visual changes to cues on the audio track that goes with the picture. You can use Nuke’s AudioRead node to read in an audio file, view it in the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet in order to line up keyframes of your composition with the waveform of the sound. You can then flipbook the audio with your footage to preview your comp with sound.

Quick Start

You can load audio files into Nuke using the AudioRead node, in much the same way as you read in images with the Read node. You can read in uncompressed .wav and .aiff files and flipbook them with your footage for playback.

Here's a quick overview of the workflow:

1.   Read in an audio file. See Reading Audio Files into the Node Graph.
2.   Display an audio waveform for your audio clip and access its animation curve in the Curve Editor or the Dope Sheet. See Creating and Editing Audio Curves.
3.   When you’re done, you can flipbook your script to view and listen to the results. See Flipbooking the Audio Track.