Configuring Nuke

These pages show visual effects supervisors how to configure Nuke for multiple artists, prior to the start of a project. These are the common application settings discussed:

Command line operations

Environment variables

Gizmo, NDK plug-in, and Tcl script directories

Python script directories

OFX plug-in directories

Favorite directories

Cross-platform file paths

Menu and Toolbar options

Image formats

Gizmos (Nuke group nodes or subscripts that allow only select modifications)

Custom plug-ins (binary plug-ins made via the Nuke software developers kit)

Generic Tcl ("Tickle") scripts

Template scripts

Common preferences

Script's lookup tables (LUTs)

Custom Viewer Processes

Note:  If you copy and paste Python example scripts from this user guide into a text editor, line indentations may not be preserved. If this is the case, correct the indentations manually.