Organizing Scripts

As scripts grow in complexity and are worked on by several people, it becomes increasingly important to organize them in a clear and meaningful way. These pages teach you how to:

display information about your Nuke script. See Displaying Script Information.

find and replace all or part of file names or file paths in any node with file or proxy controls. See File Name Search and Replace.

group nodes in the Node Graph using the Backdrop node or the Group node. See Grouping Nodes in the Node Graph.

add notes to the Node Graph. See Adding Notes to the Node Graph.

use the Precomp node to save a subset of the node tree as a separate .nk script, render the output of this saved script, and read the rendered output back into the main comp as a single image input. See Using the Precomp Node.

use the LiveGroup node, which combines the power of groups and precomps with the utility of gizmos. See Using the LiveGroup Node.