Render Farms

Nuke is supported by virtually all third-party and proprietary render-queuing software. By integrating Nuke with such a system, the render load can be distributed across all the Nuke-licensed machines on your network, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux-based.

Note:  Instead of setting up a render farm, you can take advantage of the internal Frame Server, which allows you to setup external render machines to process renders faster. See Using the Frame Server on Render Machines for more information.

Your installation of Nuke may be configured to send jobs to a network render farm, which is usually made available under the Render menu (i.e., Render > Render). However, because this option must be customized for each studio, you should check with your system administrator for instructions on how to send a Nuke script for network rendering.

Tip:  If you’re attempting to force Nuke to retry an operation rather than failing, such as for license issues during rendering, you may find Nuke’s exit codes helpful:
0 = success
1 = render error
100 = license failure