Warping with GridWarpTracker

GridWarpTracker allows you to warp and morph using custom grid shapes driven by tracking data, rather than being constrained to rigid transformations using PlanarTracker. If you have a NukeX or Nuke Studio license, you can also use SmartVectors to drive the grids, rather than the usual tracking workflow. The Tracking Using SmartVectors workflow is significantly easier and faster than the vanilla Nuke Tracking Using the Tracker Node workflow.

Note:  You can still use GridWarpTracker if you don't have a NukeX or Nuke Studio license, but the tracking process uses the Tracker node rather than SmartVectors.

The From and To grids allow you to add and copy tracking data between grids so that you can make adjustments without losing your original data and without having to create a backup version of the node. If you have a NukeX or Nuke Studio license, you can add adjustment grids to modify your From and To grid shapes without altering the original grid data.

Warp source.

Warp grid.

Warp result.

Note:  Images illustrating GridWarpTracker courtesy of Little Dragon Studios. All rights reserved in the United States and/or other countries.