Release Notes for Nuke and Hiero 14.0v6

Release Date

21 September 2023

Qualified Operating Systems

macOS Big Sur (11.x) or macOS Monterey (12.x). Nuke is currently supported under Rosetta emulation on Apple's new Apple Silicon hardware and M1 chips. Native support is not currently available and Foundry is planning to support the Nuke family natively on Apple's M1 and M2 hardware at a later date.

Article:  For more information on Foundry products and supported macOS versions, see Foundry Knowledge Base article Q100592.

Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows 11 (64-bit)

CentOS/RHEL 7.6 to 7.9 (64-bit)

Note:  The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with CentOS/RHEL 7.6 to 7.9.

Other operating systems may work, but have not been fully tested.

Requirements for Nuke's GPU Acceleration

If you want to enable Nuke to calculate certain nodes using the GPU, there are some additional requirements.


An NVIDIA GPU with compute capability 3.5 (Kepler), or above. A list of the compute capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs is available at

Note:  The compute capability is a property of the GPU hardware and can't be altered by a software update.

With graphics drivers capable of running CUDA 11.1, or above. On Windows and Linux, CUDA graphics drivers are bundled with the regular drivers for your NVIDIA GPU. Driver versions 456.81 (Windows) and 455.32 (Linux), or above are required. See for more information on compatible drivers.

Note:  We recommend using the latest graphics drivers, where possible, regardless of operating system.


Note:  Bit-wise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

On Windows and Linux, an AMD GPU from the following list:

Note:  Other AMD GPUs may work, but have not been fully tested.

AMD Radeon PRO W6600

AMD Radeon PRO W6800

AMD Radeon Pro W5700

AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

Note:  For information on the recommended driver for each GPU, see

On Mac, integrated AMD GPUs are supported on the following Intel CPU Macs:

Any late 2013 Mac Pro onward (including 2019 Mac Pro),

Mid-2015 MacBook Pros onward, and

Late 2017 iMac Pros onward.

All supported Mac Pros include a multi-GPU support option, where applicable. Bitwise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations, there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

Warning:  Although AMD GPUs are enabled on other Mac models, they are not officially supported and used at your own risk.

Multi-GPU Processing

Nuke's GPU support includes an Enable multi-GPU support option. When enabled in the preferences, GPU processing is shared between the available GPUs for extra processing speed.

Note:  Multi-GPU processing is only available for identical GPUs in the same machine. For example, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080s or two AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100s.

New Features

• ID 232324 - Feature - Support for 4:4:4 RGB output from Blackmagic cards in MO

Feature Enhancements

There are no new features in this maintenance release.

Bug Fixes

• ID 135776 - nuke.removeFavoriteDir() does not work if it's not given a type

• ID 167870 - Font recognition is case sensitive so extension matching fails on uppercase open fonts such as .OFT

• ID 197295 - Preferences: GPU device reverts back to CPU after hitting cancel then reopening

• ID 235718 - Backslash error when writing to a relative path which uses '../' with Project Directory set up

• ID 244831 - Crash when importing a .gif file type into Nuke and Nuke Studio

• ID 380135 - A crash occurs when executing the WriteGeo node with an .ABC or .FBX file with multiple frames while the 3D Viewer is active

• ID 473106 - Playback stops when adding/removing tracks from B buffer

• ID 497642 - Scripts containing a Retime node, with its 'before' knob set to 'black', and a Kronos node downstream fail to render

• ID 501544 - The frame server is unable to start when launching Nuke on case-sensitive file systems [macOS only]

• ID 508476 - The "nearest frame" fails when expressions are used for the file knob when viewed outside a group/gizmo

• ID 515323 - A crash occurs when using the CurveTool node to analyze a blinkscript in Nuke

• ID 524347 - Disabling "Prioritize OCIO Roles" in the preferences then clicking on a Transcode Images or Write Node task in the Export dialog causes a crash

• ID 525492 - [hDStorm] The options in the Render Settings dropdown in the Viewer Properties need tooltips

• ID 527246 - kUnsetVersion definition missing DDImage_API macro

• ID 532207 - Cattery Gizmos don't load in Terminal mode from inside any /Cattery directory in the Nuke path

• ID 533412 - 3D Arch: Scaling of Checkerboard texture in 2D view when connected to a Transform node

• ID 533979 - Adding a keyframe to the Lens-in Focal value in a GeoCard node causes the card to enlarge.

• ID 539124 - Hiero crashes after running hiero.ui.BinView().selection() in the Script Editor

• ID 539454 - Subclassing from QtWidgets.QWidget results in an error

• ID 539702 - 3D Arch: GeoPointsToMesh node not Re-topologising a mesh from Point clouds

• ID 539711 - Setting a Tag's note via Python does not update expressions in the BurnIn soft effect

• ID 539795 - The helpCommandRequestHandler function is loading the wrong path.

• ID 539853 - 3D Arch: Nuke X Vertex selection not highlighting in blue as 'selected' on new 3D points in 14.0

• ID 540017 - Selecting a Transcode Images export task, when Single Render Process is enabled, results in an error

• ID 541124 - Incorrect values are imported in the Camera3 node when using a USD file with a Y axis value of 90

• ID 541770 - [TH] Nukeclip: Unexpected nodes in export

• ID 542168 - CopyCat Can change the parameters during training

• ID 542254 - nuke_ndk/14.0.x package is incomplete

• ID 542695 - .hrox projects with lots of tags take a long time to load

• ID 542802 - Zooming out the timeline makes clips disappear when there are lots of cuts

• ID 543070 - Importing Nuke as module in an external Python install no longer works

• ID 543102 - Nuke unable to find a valid license when returning from a hanging state

• ID 544233 - Publishing Blinkscript wipes input names

• ID 544578 - Scenegraph: Search will not cycle to results of payloads if payloads are loaded via overides

• ID 546263 - nuke.removeFavoriteDir() does not work in Hiero or Player

• ID 547301 - CopyCat: Caching long clips

• ID 547499 - [TH] Tags.TagsBasicAPI - MINIDUMP Application exited with non zero status

• ID 547783 - Add a Method to Uninstall Silently Using the uninstall.bat file.

• ID 548896 - MO SDI: BMD 12bit 4:4:4 Video Legal Range not working properly

• ID 549669 - BlinkScript soft effects fail to compile when declaring custom functions

• ID 549864 - Hiero crashes when there is no clip viewport

• ID 550767 - ZDefocus nodes produce a DEBUG message when filter_type is set to "image", legacy_resize_mode is disabled, and Nuke is in verbose mode

• ID 551602 - MO SDI: Expected SDI Mappings Missing

• ID 552184 - MO SDI: 10 bit 4:2:2 not rendering correctly for BMD devices

• ID 552441 - [TH] Crash when reading/ importing in R3d files

• ID 553131 - [TH] ALEXA LF ARRIRAW-HDE fails to read on Linux

New Known Issues Specific to Nuke 14.0

This section covers new known issues and gives workarounds for them, where appropriate.

• ID 552509 - Timeline: Audio pop when playback is stopped

• ID 552362 - MO SDI: BMD UHD 10 bit RGB 4:4:4 outputs YCbCr:422:10

• ID 552108 - Scene Graph: Merge input scene in light nodes doesn't work if we connect other light node as input

• ID 552039 - Memory Leak when loading too many alexa 35/mxf files

• ID 549833 - Nuke Studio can display an incorrect OCIO config Version when the OCIO environment variable is used

• ID 548936 - MO SDI: BMD - 10 bit 4:4:4 - No signal derived from UHD Dual Link TSI and Quad Link SqDv

• ID 547368 - 3D Arch, Scenegraph: Search bar doesn't update results after loading or unloading payloads

• ID 546715 - OCIOv2.1: Aliases within an OCIO config behave differently without Roles

• ID 541715 - OCIO: Nuke does not load the saved view transform for some display devices - ACES 1.3

• ID 541400 - A "Could not create reader" error occurs when loading ARRI Alexa 35 MXF footage in Terminal or Execute mode

• ID 539902 - 3D Arch: Split view does not work for AxisOp 'File Path' knob

• ID 538340 - CopyCat: Node fails on a machine without CUDA drivers installed

• ID 537386 - A NoneType object is not subscriptable error occurs when using the Snap Menu on points in a Point Cloud

• ID 536924 - Scene Graph: "Path" column UI breaks with a large scenegraph

• ID 536529 - MO SDI: AJA T-Tap Pro - Is wrongly outputting HD dual link RGB

• ID 532211 - Window shows "QEventDispatcher" from the terminal

• ID 532078 - Bokeh: Bokeh doesn't work correctly in downres and proxy mode if it is using kernel input

• ID 532049 - Nuke's MSI installer doesn't register Nuke as the default app for .nk files when installed on Windows

• ID 528121 - The Cattery plug-ins appear with a .gizmo extension in Nuke

• ID 526530 - CatFileCreator: Cat files created in Nuke 14 are not forward compatible

• ID 525872 - 3D Arch: Authoring knobs: GeoDrawMode color does not animate

• ID 525575 - CameraTrackerPointCloud continues to show data by default when it didn't before

• ID 524963 - 3D Arch, SceneGraph: Background pattern changes when scrolling

• ID 524835 - OCIONamedTransform: The Viewer error when no transform is selected contains a [.

• ID 524626 - 3D Arch: Viewer hit-detect delay when moving mouse

• ID 524412 - CopyCat: When training loss graph doesn't autoscale across x axis

• ID 524284 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: Changing scale on GeoTransform affects upstream handle size

• ID 524274 - Nuke Studio does not apply colour transforms correctly to ARRI Alexa 35 footage when changing the arri_colorspace knob

• ID 522999 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: CameraTrackerPointCloud node has wrong default colour

• ID 521937 - 3D Arch, Scenegraph: Changing the active state of material scopes not working as expected

• ID 521907 - 3D Arch: Default scale of the points generator to match old pointCloudGenerator

• ID 521133 - 3D Arch: GeoCube is incorrectly rotated if it has a parent transform

• ID 520821 - 3D Arch: GeoCameraTrackerPoints Point size knob stops scaling at a certain size

• ID 520716 - 3D Arch: Materials checkbox for import nodes not working for some scenes

• ID 520296 - 3D Arch: GeoRevolve tab in Properties menu for GeoCylinder and GeoSphere

• ID 519987 - 3D Arch: Creating nodes through python create unexpected connections

• ID 519482 - 3D Arch: geoCylinder not matching the projections from the cylinder in HydraViewer setup

• ID 519068 - Installer: Installer doesn't create Nuke directory

• ID 518874 - 3D Arch: Double-clicking geo in the viewport does not open last selected node in properties panel

• ID 518593 - 3D Arch: GeoDrawMode doesn't work with path masking and node inbetween

• ID 518581 - Metadata: CompareMetaData node reads incorrect frame metadata from Write section rendered EXR

• ID 517980 - Installer screen momentarily appears again executing MSI installer

• ID 516166 - 3D Arch, Scenegraph: Items can still be cycled to if there contributing node is removed upstream

• ID 516052 - 3D Arch, ScanlineRender: projected textures in some ClientScripts are placed incorrectly rendered in 2D

• ID 515379 - 3D Arch: GeoSphere height is twice the height knob

• ID 515355 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: Scaling in world space after rotation skews transform and scale handles

• ID 515353 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: Scaling in world space after rotation is causing rotation handles to wobble

• ID 514854 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: Scale handles in world space doesn't work as expected if the pivot point of geometry was rotated

• ID 514693 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: Rotations with handles at large scale become inconsistant and unstable

• ID 514669 - 3D Arch, 3D UX: Z-Axis handle not working in screen-space

• ID 513943 - 3D Arch: Localization knobs are missing from GeoImport

• ID 513664 - "Matches" value and name highlights will not update if the node being viewed adds or removes Geo that's name matches the current search

• ID 513286 - 3D Arch, Selection: Vertex selection erroneously throws away points

• ID 511765 - 3D Transform Handles: Scaling camera on Axis doesn't work as expected

• ID 511107 - 3D Arch, GeoCollection: exclusions not working

• ID 510783 - 3D Arch, GeoSphere: Small u_extent and v_extent values of GeoSphere are causing texture to disappear in the viewer

• ID 506930 - CopyCat: Changing preview during training breaks contactsheet UI

• ID 505862 - 3D Pivot Point: Pivot point rotation stabilization doesn't work in XYZ and ZYX rotation orders

Developer Notes

As Nuke develops, we sometimes have to make changes to the API and ABI under the hood. We try to keep these changes to a minimum and only for certain releases, but from time to time API and ABI compatibility is not guaranteed. See the following table for the situations when you may have to recompile your plug-ins and/or make changes to the source code.

Release Type






13.2v1 to 13.2v2





13.1v1 to 13.2v1




13.0v1 to 14.0v1


Additionally, node Class() names occasionally change between major releases. While these changes do not affect legacy scripts, you may not get the results you were expecting if a node class has been modified. The file, used to create Nuke's node toolbar, contains all the current node class names and is located in <install_directory>/plugins/nukescripts/ for reference.

As an example, between Nuke 13 and Nuke 14, the Axis node Class() changed from Axis3 to Axis4. In the file for the two releases, the entries for the Axis node appear as follows:

m3Dclassic.addCommand("Axis", "nuke.createNode(\"Axis3\")", icon="Axis.png", tag=MenuItemTag.Classic, node="Axis3", tagTarget=MenuItemTagTargetFlag.TabMenu)

m3D.addCommand("Axis", "nuke.createNode(\"Axis4\")", icon="Axis_3D.png", tag=MenuItemTag.Beta, node="Axis4")