Light Your Scene

The new 3D system introduces four new USD based lights to Nuke, SpotLight, DirectLight, PointLight and EnvironmentLight. These differ from the previous Light nodes as these are no longer Nuke specific lights. In the classic system if you imported a light from another software, it would get converted into a Nuke light which would be an approximation rather than a 1:1 conversion of the light. This meant you would never get consistent lighting between Nuke and your other 3D tools.

With the new USD based lights, if you create a light in another tool and export it out as a USD, then you will get the same USD light in Nuke, with the same values and results. As the Light parameters are based on USD values you will see updated knob options for each light and the default value also operates on a different scale.

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Light Nodes


Binds a material to objects specified in the node Properties.


Creates a card object in the scene.


Creates a point in 3D space that emits light in every direction.


Creates a point in 3D space that emits a cone-shaped light.