Package nukescripts :: Module hardwareinfo :: Class HardwareInfo
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Class HardwareInfo

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
SafeCall(self, f, *positional, **keyword) source code
testCatCommand(self, info) source code
parseProcInfo(self, info) source code
parseProcInfoStr(self, cpuinfo) source code
parseCPUInfo(self) source code
ParseProcVersion(self) source code
parseProcSimple(self, file, entry) source code
parseMemInfo(self) source code
initLinux(self) source code
getRegistryNumSubKeys(self, key, subkey) source code
getRegistryValue(self, key, subkey, value) source code
getWindowsRam(self) source code
RunCmdWin(cmd) source code
getWindowsL2Cache(self) source code
getWindowsOSVersion(self) source code
getWindowsMachineName(self) source code
initWin(self) source code
MapDictionaries(self, originalDict, addTo, mapping, name) source code
Initialises the object for mac - relies on system_profiler being in the path
source code
initMacHardware(self, itemDicts) source code
initMacSoftware(self, itemDicts) source code
printDict(self, pDict, handle, indentLevel=1)
outputs the elements from pDict in XML structure, nesting when an element contains another dict
source code
printXML(self, file, indentLevel=1) source code