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Module importexport

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Nuke 5.0 Py import_boujou.
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import_script() source code
export_nodes_as_script() source code
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  __package__ = 'nukescripts'
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Nuke 5.0 Py import_boujou. Demonstrates the use of addKnob.

Function called from the "import Boujou camera track" user knob of a Boujou Camera gizmo.

read data from a Boujou text file: format is: FRAME TX TY TZ RX RY RZ VFOV this version will read fewer columns

modified by Frank Rüter June 30th 2006 to work with Nuke 4.5

Instead of writing out an obj like the old version this one creates lowres cylinders for each point found in your boujou export. Those are stuffed into a group which is hooked up to a render node along with the resulting camera. It has size, colour and render parameters to control those proxies. Keep in mind that there is a limit for scene nodes of 1000 inputs so try to keep your point export from Boujou below that ;).