DD::Image::DeepWriter Class Referenceabstract

Inherits DD::Image::FileHandler.


class  Description

Public Member Functions

 DeepWriter (DeepWriterOwner *owner)
 DeepWriter (const DeepWriter &other)
void operator= (const DeepWriter &other)
 left unimplemented
DeepOpinput ()
 left unimplemented More...
FILE * openFile ()
void closeFile (FILE *f)
virtual void execute ()=0

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Class for plugins that wish to write out deep data. The DeepWriters are selected by the DeepWrite node.

Member Function Documentation

DeepOp * DD::Image::DeepWriter::input ( )

left unimplemented

get the deep op to use as the source of data for the write

References DD::Image::DeepWriterOwner::input().

FILE * DD::Image::DeepWriter::openFile ( )
void DD::Image::DeepWriter::closeFile ( FILE *  f)

close the temporary file and rename it to the full version

References DD::Image::DeepWriterOwner::filename(), DD::Image::DeepWriterOwner::op(), and DD::Image::RenameTempToFinal().

virtual void DD::Image::DeepWriter::execute ( )
pure virtual

virtual function to be implemented. should write out the Deep data available on input() to the filename on _owner->filename(). Can use helper functions openFile() and closeFile() for dealing with temporary filenames.

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