DD::Image::InternalOCIOOp Class Reference

Helper class to enable Readers and Writers to use internal OCIOColorpace Ops. More...

Public Types

enum  TransformType { eToWorkingSpace, eFromWorkingSpace }

Public Member Functions

 InternalOCIOOp (NukeWrapper *ocioWrapperOp)
 InternalOCIOOp (const InternalOCIOOp &)=delete
InternalOCIOOpoperator= (const InternalOCIOOp &)=delete
Iopop () const
void validate (bool forReal)
 Emulate the Iop interface. Mostly these will just propagate the call through.
DD::Image::ChannelMask out_channels () const
void in_channels (int n, DD::Image::ChannelSet &mask) const
void engine (int y, int x, int r, ChannelMask readerGeneratedChannels, Row &row)
void knobs (Knob_Callback f)
void set_input (int i, Op *op)
Opdefault_input (int) const
void request (int x, int y, int r, int t, ChannelMask channels, int count)
void contextKnobs (Knob_Callback f)
 ~Emulate the Iop interface More...
void nodePanelShown ()
 Callback for when the Node panel is shown.
void updateOCIOKnobValues (const std::string defaultLUTName, int selectedLut, TransformType transformType)
 Make sure the internal Ops knobs have the correct value.
void setReverseTransform (bool reverse)
void updateColorManagementSetting ()
 Calculate whether we're using Nuke or OCIO Color management.
bool usingOCIOColorspaces () const
bool inErrorState () const
std::string errorMessage () const

Detailed Description

Helper class to enable Readers and Writers to use internal OCIOColorpace Ops.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum to determine when the OCIO transform will be applied. eToWorkingSpace - The input will be converted from the source color space into the working color space (e.g. Read Nodes). This will happen after the current Op has done it's engine processing. eFromWorkingSpace - The input will be converted from working space into the destination color space (e.g. Write Node). This will happen before the current Op does it's engine processing. This affects which knobs are set in the internal OCIO Op.

Member Function Documentation

void InternalOCIOOp::contextKnobs ( Knob_Callback  f)

~Emulate the Iop interface

Create a tab knob containg the OCIO Context knobs. These should go after the Read/Write's replaceable knobs.

void InternalOCIOOp::setReverseTransform ( bool  reverse)

Apply the color space conversion in the reverse direction i.e. colorspace - workingspace becomes workingspace - colorspace, and vice-versa

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