DD::Image::IopInfoOwner Class Reference

IopInfo holder. More...

Inherits DD::Image::Info2DProvider.

Inherited by DD::Image::Iop.

Public Types

typedef IopInfo Info

Public Member Functions

const Infoinfo () const
int x () const
int y () const
int r () const
int t () const
int w () const
int h () const
bool is_constant () const
int clampx (int x) const
int clampy (int y) const
const Formatformat () const
const Formatfull_size_format () const
int ydirection () const
bool black_outside () const
ChannelMask channels () const
const GeneralInfogeneralInfo () const
const Info2Dinfo2D () const
int first_frame () const
int last_frame () const
void format (const Format &f)
void full_size_format (const Format &f)

Protected Attributes

Info info_

Detailed Description

IopInfo holder.

Member Function Documentation

int DD::Image::IopInfoOwner::clampx ( int  x) const

Same as info().clampx(x), limits x to the range x() to r()-1.

int DD::Image::IopInfoOwner::clampy ( int  y) const

Same as info().clampy(y), limits y to the range y() to t()-1.

const Format & DD::Image::IopInfoOwner::full_size_format ( ) const

Same as info().format();

Referenced by DD::Image::Read::_validate().

int DD::Image::IopInfoOwner::ydirection ( ) const
int DD::Image::IopInfoOwner::first_frame ( ) const
int DD::Image::IopInfoOwner::last_frame ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

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