DD::Image::LookAt Class Referenceabstract

Helper class that adds LookAt functionality. More...

Inherited by DD::Image::AxisOp, and DD::Image::TransformGeo.

Public Member Functions

 LookAt (int defaultLookAxis=kAxisZPlus)
virtual Oplookat_input () const =0
 The lookat input op.
void knobs (Knob_Callback f)
 Adds the 'Look' tab and knobs for all the look at options.
int knobChanged (Op *parent, Knob *k)
 disables the look at input is not present
void lookAt (Matrix4 &matrix)
 performs the look at on the incoming matrix
void lookMatrixAt (const OutputContext &oc, Matrix4 &concatMatrix)
 performs the look at on the incoming matrix for a given context

Protected Types

enum  {
  kAxisZPlus, kAxisZMinus, kAxisYPlus, kAxisYMinus,
  kAxisXPlus, kAxisXMinus

Protected Member Functions

void perform_lookat (Matrix4 &concatMatrix, const Matrix4 &axisMatrix)

Protected Attributes

Matrix4 lookat_matrix_
 Matrix for rotating to look at the look input.
Matrix4 my_local
 For the Axis_Knob to store into.
bool my_transform_normals
int my_lookat_axis
bool my_rotate_x
bool my_rotate_y
bool my_rotate_z
bool my_lookat_use_quat
double my_lookat_strength

Static Protected Attributes

static const char *const ms_lookat_axis_choices []

Detailed Description

Helper class that adds LookAt functionality.

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