DD::Image::Pixel Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Pixel (const ChannelSetInit c)
 Pixel (ChannelMask c)
 Pixel (Channel c)
 Pixel (const Pixel &b)
void setInterestRatchet (InterestRatchet *interestRatchet)
InterestRatchetinterestRatchet ()
void copyInterestRatchet (const Pixel &from)
void set (float d)
void set (ChannelMask c, float d)
void erase ()
void erase (Channel z)
void erase (ChannelMask mask)
void replace (const Pixel &b, ChannelMask c)
void replace (const Pixel &b)
float & operator[] (Channel z)
const float & operator[] (Channel z) const
float * array ()
Pixeloperator= (float d)
Pixel operator* (float d) const
Pixeloperator*= (float d)
Pixel operator* (const Pixel &v) const
Pixeloperator*= (const Pixel &v)
Pixel operator/ (float D) const
Pixeloperator/= (float D)
Pixel operator/ (const Pixel &v) const
Pixeloperator/= (const Pixel &v)
Pixel operator+ (float d) const
Pixeloperator+= (float d)
Pixel operator+ (const Pixel &v) const
Pixeloperator+= (const Pixel &v)
Pixel operator- (float d) const
Pixeloperator-= (float d)
Pixel operator- (const Pixel &v) const
Pixeloperator-= (const Pixel &v)
void lerp (const Pixel &b, float t)
void over (const Pixel &A, float a, ChannelMask c)
void under (const Pixel &A, float a, ChannelMask c)
void over (const Pixel &A, float a)
void under (const Pixel &A, float a)

Public Attributes

ChannelSet channels
float chan [Chan_Last+1]

Detailed Description

Holds a single pixel's worth of image data. Contains a ChannelSet to indicate active planes.

Member Function Documentation

void DD::Image::Pixel::lerp ( const Pixel b,
float  t 

Destructive linear interpolate between this Pixel b by t.

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