DD::Image::ShutterControls Class Reference

Public Types

enum  OffsetEnum { eCentredOffset, eStartOffset, eEndOffset, eCustomOffset }

Public Member Functions

 ShutterControls (double duration=0.5, OffsetEnum offset=eStartOffset, double customOffset=0.0)
void knobs (Knob_Closure &f, bool earlyStore=false, const char *durationName="shutter", const char *offsetTypeName="shutteroffset", const char *customOffsetName="shuttercustomoffset")
double getDuration () const
double calcOffset () const
OffsetEnum getOffset () const
double getCustomOffset () const
void setDuration (double v)
void setOffset (OffsetEnum v)
void setCustomOffset (double v)
KnobgetDurationKnob ()
KnobgetOffsetKnob ()
KnobgetCustomOffsetKnob ()
void append (DD::Image::Hash &hash)

Detailed Description

Class used to standardise shutter controls throughout NUKE

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum used to specify what kind of shutter offset we have

Member Function Documentation

void DD::Image::ShutterControls::knobs ( Knob_Closure &  f,
bool  earlyStore = false,
const char *  durationName = "shutter",
const char *  offsetTypeName = "shutteroffset",
const char *  customOffsetName = "shuttercustomoffset" 
double DD::Image::ShutterControls::getDuration ( ) const
double DD::Image::ShutterControls::calcOffset ( ) const

Offset to the start of the shutter period from integer frame number

Referenced by DD::Image::Transform::_validate(), and DD::Image::Transform::append().

OffsetEnum DD::Image::ShutterControls::getOffset ( ) const

The type of offset.

double DD::Image::ShutterControls::getCustomOffset ( ) const

The Offset if the enum is set to eCustomOffset

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