DD::Image::Vector2 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

float & operator[] (int i)
const float & operator[] (int i) const
const float * array () const
 Vector2 (const Vector2 &i)
 Vector2 (const float v[2])
 Vector2 (const double v[2])
 Vector2 (float a, float b)
Vector2operator= (const Vector2 &v)
void set (float i)
void set (float a, float b)
void clear ()
Vector2 operator* (float d) const
Vector2operator*= (float d)
Vector2 operator* (const Vector2 &v) const
Vector2operator*= (const Vector2 &v)
Vector2 operator/ (float d) const
Vector2operator/= (float d)
Vector2 operator/ (const Vector2 &v) const
Vector2operator/= (const Vector2 &v)
Vector2 operator+ (const Vector2 &v) const
Vector2operator+= (const Vector2 &v)
Vector2 operator- () const
Vector2 operator- (const Vector2 &v) const
Vector2operator-= (const Vector2 &v)
bool operator== (const Vector2 &v) const
bool operator!= (const Vector2 &v) const
bool operator== (float d) const
bool operator!= (float d) const
bool operator< (const Vector2 &v) const
 Fairly arbitrary operator so you can store these in ordered arrays.
float length () const
float lengthSquared () const
float distanceBetween (const Vector2 &v) const
float distanceSquared (const Vector2 &v) const
float dot (const Vector2 &v) const
float cross (const Vector2 &v) const
 Returns the Z component of the cross product, Ux*Vy-Uy*Vx.
float normalize ()
 Change the vector to be unit length. Returns the original length.
void negate ()
void append (Hash &) const

Public Attributes

float x
float y


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &o, const Vector2 &)

Detailed Description

2-component vector, used to represent a point/vector in the plane.

This object is in general compatible with the SbVec2 template in the Inventor library. However it allows direct access to the x,y,z members, which imho makes math using this much easier to read.

See DD::Image::Vector3 for more details on the member functions.

Member Function Documentation

Vector2 DD::Image::Vector2::operator* ( const Vector2 v) const

This is component multiplication! Use dot() or cross() for vector multiply

Vector2 DD::Image::Vector2::operator/ ( const Vector2 v) const

Component-wise division.

float DD::Image::Vector2::distanceBetween ( const Vector2 v) const

Same as (this-v).length()

float DD::Image::Vector2::distanceSquared ( const Vector2 v) const

Same as (this-v).lengthSquared()

Referenced by DD::Image::Quadtree< T >::_add(), and DD::Image::Quadtree< unsigned >::add().

void Vector2::append ( Hash hash) const

Add this to the Hash object.

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