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Blink::RefHolder Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Blink::RefHolder:
Blink::ComputeDevice Blink::ComputeDeviceBinder Blink::Exception Blink::IKernel Blink::Image Blink::ProgramSource Blink::CompilationException Blink::ComputeException Blink::DeviceException Blink::ImageSpecException Blink::IncompatibleImagesException Blink::InvalidAccessDescException Blink::OutOfMemoryException Blink::ParameterException Blink::Kernel

Public Member Functions

 RefHolder (Ref ref, bool retain)
 RefHolder (const RefHolder &holder)
RefHolderoperator= (const RefHolder &holder)
void take (Ref ref)
RefHolderoperator= (Ref ref)
Ref ref () const

Protected Attributes

Ref _ref

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