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Welcome to the Nuke Developer Kit. The NDK contains documentation and sample code for writing plug-ins to enhance and customize Nuke. Nuke supports both a native C++ API, which allows extensive access to its own data types, and the OpenFX open plug-in standard with which plug-ins can be developed to work on a variety of host systems. The choice of which to use depends on the nature of the plug-in you need to write and whether you require tighter integration with Nuke at the cost of portability to other hosts, or portability at the cost of limitations in access to host-specific capabilities.

The Foundry's Blink is a framework which allows you to write your code once and run it on either the CPU or GPU. Blink can be used inside an NDK plug-in to accelerate your image processing code by translating it to run on the GPU, or to use SIMD instructions where possible on the CPU. For more information about Blink, see the guides below.

In addition to our standard customer support channels, a mailing list is available through which Nuke plug-in developers can communicate with each other and The Foundry's Nuke developers. Contact support@thefoundry.co.uk for further information about the list or other questions about Nuke plug-in development.

Nuke Developer Kit (NDK) 15.0.4

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Guide to writing Blink Kernels
Blink API Reference

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