Generating Depth Maps

You can use the DepthGenerator node in NukeX to generate a depth map from your footage. The node uses information from a tracked camera to create a channel that displays variations in depth.A depth map is an image that uses the brightness of each pixel to specify the distance between the 3D scene point and the virtual camera used to capture the scene.

A source image. The generated depth map.

DepthGenerator also allows you to output depth as normals and position passes, and create a Card node positioned in 3D space and displaced according to the depth channel.

Note that DepthGenerator can only create a depth map from a sequence, so you can’t use a still image.

Quick Start

Here's a quick overview of the workflow:

1.   Add DepthGenerator to your NukeX script. See Connecting DepthGenerator.
2.   Select the type of depth map you want to output, and whether to also output normals and position passes. See Selecting What to Output.
3.   Analyze the depth values for your footage. See Analyzing Depth.
4.   Review and refine the results. See Refining the Results.
5.   Use the results with other Nuke and NukeX nodes. See Using the Results.